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    GENIE and Worksome Partner to Advance Creative and Design Recruitment with AI Technology.

    The seamless experience will allow marketing companies to hire a freelancer in just seven minutes

    GENIE, the creative industry’s first ever automated talent agent, announces it is partnering with Worksome, the freelance management platform, to further revolutionise how the industry works with freelance talent, mediated through technology.

    With GENIE and Worksome’s partnership, leading networks, independent agencies and brands that currently use the Worksome platform can save time and money sourcing talent, as well as gain access to “possibly the greatest creative department in the world”, as described by Sir John Hegarty, chairman of GENIE.

    Home to the best creative minds, GENIE’s Artificial Intelligence matches hiring companies to top invite-only industry talent and is the first to build a seamless relationship with talent via GENIE’s messaging app. Clients pitch their brief and GENIE’s algorithm matches the best talent to the right projects, while gathering live data on interest and availability, enabling companies to make bookings in an instant. In 2021, GENIE made over 13,000 matches, saving hiring companies over 6,500 hours of resource when hiring freelance talent, giving them the agility to extend their hybrid workforce without the need to waste time looking through extensive directories. GENIE’s fastest ever booking was made in just  seven minutes – where a brief was set, results sent back, and talent booked.

    GENIE has now built a feature that allows clients to plug in a third party preferred payment supplier, to maximise efficiency around compliance and ensure a streamlined experience for all parties involved. Working together with Worksome, companies can now automate freelancer and contractor payments, billing and compliance processes. Put simply, through the partnership, brands will be able to use GENIE to match with the right talent for their brief and then hand it to Worksome to manage talent through the process of compliance and payment handling.

    Nick Grime, co-founder and CEO, GENIE, commented, “The creative industry’s most prized commodity is the talent behind the work it produces, GENIE’s mission is to intelligently match awesome talent to the right projects in a smarter, faster way. Our platform now gives companies the flexibility to choose their 3rd party compliance and payment provider and  this  partnership with Worksome gives back more time to clients and talent to focus on what they do best…making great work.”

    Morten Petersen, CEO, Worksome, commented, “Our vision for Worksome has always been to enable businesses to easily find, engage and manage world-class freelance talent with as little friction as possible. Our partnership with GENIE will open a pipeline of top tier creative talent and provide a great new sourcing option for our clients. We look forward to collaborating with GENIE on our mission to make global freelancing as simple and effective as possible, regardless of geography or vertical.”

    This article was originally published in  Little Black Book on Wed, 15 Jun 2022