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  • Graham Fink Launches ‘Fink Different’ Online Course.

    Graham Fink Launches ‘Fink Different’ Online Course.

    Educational online course launched in partnership with GENIE and The DO Lectures

    GENIE talent member and one of the world’s most decorated creatives, Graham Fink, is launching an educational online course, Fink Different, aimed at inspiring better creativity in the world of business. The series will be hosted by the DO Lectures, starting Thursday 8th July, with sign ups available until midday that day.

    Fink is a member of the GENIE talent pool, who have partnered with The DO Lecturers to bring the series to life. GENIE is the world’s first automated talent agent, giving hiring companies access to best in class creative talent, like Fink, in minutes with no scrolling. Other GENIE members will receive access to some of the course content for free as well as a discount on the course price.

    The aim of the course is to help attendees use the extraordinary power of creativity to grow their business and themselves, targeted at a range of people from entrepreneurs to workers in the wider creative industries. The course will be made up of 3 parts including various chapters diving into Graham’s insights into creativity.

    Topics on the course include:

    – Upgrade your HOS (Human Operation System)

    – The black arts of Creativity

    – Learning from other cultures

    – Teaming up with AI

    – How to effectively use data rather than drown in it

    There will be a live Q&A session with Graham at the end of each week and participants will all be signed into a private Slack channel to share ideas and grow their own network.

    Graham Fink commented on the series, describing it a “culmination of all the best bits I’ve learnt over 30-plus years in the creative industry.”

    Sir John Hegarty, chairman, GENIE, commented: “Graham is one of the most original creative thinkers in our business. So it’s not surprising his online course Fink Different, with an exclusive preview for GENIE members, will help drive possibly the greatest creative department in the world.”

    Nicky Badenoch, co-founder, Genie, commented: “Graham is a treasure trove of inspiration. His course is provocative, memorable and fun. We are thrilled to be sharing some of his insights with our GENIE members – both Talent and Clients alike. I’d encourage everyone to have an inzy winzy bit of Fink Different in their soul.”

    The course is available to purchase for £500. Visit for more information and to sign up to the course.

    This article was originally published in Little Black Book on 30th June 2021.