Equality Policy - Meet Genie

Equality Policy

At Genie, we believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Our diverse pool of users draws together individuals and organisations of different cultures, values, and norms. We want to ensure that people from every background feel welcome, respected and valued on the platform.

Guided by these principles, all Clients must follow these rules when using Genie:

Clients must not: (1) post any Briefs which discourage or indicate a preference for Talent, (2) impose any different terms or conditions on Talent; or (3) decline the services of any Talent, or (4) otherwise discriminate against Talent, based on:

Clients should make every effort to be welcoming to Talent of all backgrounds. Clients who demonstrate a pattern of rejecting Talent from a protected class under applicable laws (even while articulating legitimate reasons) undermine the strength of our  Genie platform by making Talent feel undervalued, and Genie may at its discretion suspend Clients if Genie believes such Clients have demonstrated such a pattern from the platform.